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Matthews argues there was insufficient evidence to support conviction on both charges and that his counsel was ineffective in failing to challenge specific elements of both charges and an improper jury instruction.

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The district court properly accorded this interest little weight. Briefing is stayed in these appeals pending further order. Accordingly, the Court need not consider whether Johnson was entitled to equitable tolling. Accordingly, we do not address the appeal issues pertaining to child support. Electoral college of ermonttate of michelle carter. First, the Court noted in Bryant that there might have been an ongoing danger to police or the public at the moment police discovered the dying victim.

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Defense counsel impeached Taylor with her prior convictions, though the State failed to disclose that she had open warrants at the time of her testimony.

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Discussing the question of criminal intent, we held that the offense of Carrying a Firearm After Former Conviction of a Felony requires proof of intent or knowledge.

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State presented reasons why defendant had not made a prima facie case, the trial court made clear that it was only for the purpose of preserving the record and not for consideration for its decision.