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The statement was immediately criticised by people in Australia and New Zealand, as well as others around the world, including Australian prime minister Scott Morrison.

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The senator, who has a history of racist comments, was egged at a news conference and proceeded to physically assault the person who egged him. Contributing: Doug Stanglin, USA TODAY, and The Associated Press. Muslim extremism to explain the attacks. Muslim policies if Kavanaugh joins the Supreme Court. National Public Service Media. Follow us to new zealand house with such content related to come together we can allow more ways than two new zealand senator statement was talking to call a senator?

There are calls for Senator Fraser Anning to be charged with assault after lashing out at the teenager in an ugly altercation at a speaking event in Melbourne yesterday.

Prime Minister Holyoake informed the President of the review of defense policy, which New Zealand is presently conducting with the aim of insuring that it will be able to meet its commitments promptly and effectively.

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